Friday, August 31, 2007

New Word: "Padumps".. ..futher,

In an earlier post on Etymology...

"New Word: "Padumps" (Pronounced, Pa - Dumps) The thingy's that go in your ears with the I-Pod system, that 'dump' content into your ears, padumps.

Vicki-Lynn, Toronto, August 26, 2007"

Since then, it has come to my attention that it is a term used in music, as exampled in this Google search result:

Boolean search: "padumps computer science"

1 Result:

[PDF] FSU’s new president—on the job
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degrees in computer science from. FSU and succeeded in their. careers. ..... “padump-padumps” and other sounds. imitating trombones and kettle drums. ... - Similar pages

This took about 5 minutes of work -- along the thread of "beat".

The kicker to solving the puzzle was the algorithm, computer science.

As far as I understand, in the dictionary makers world -- one more reference and it's "officially" a word!


(please excuse any cashed pages on the Internet with a 'bug' label)

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